We will be mora than happy to prepare gluten-free or vegetarian meals. 

Mozzarella with tomatoes and home-made basil pesto, baguette 89 CZK
Jalapeňos peppers with chilli sauce, salad, baguette 85 CZK
Homemade pâté, bread 69 CZK
Pickled Hermelin cheese, bread 70 CZK
Homemade picked sausages, 2 pcs., bread 69 CZK
Soup of the day 35 CZK
Main courses:Price
Beef goulash with home-made bread dumplings 129 CZK
Dutch cut schnitzel with potato purée, cucumber salad 129 CZK
Chicken breast stuffed with dried tomatoes and mozzarella, potato purée with basil sauce 189 CZK
Chicken tortilla with spicy dip, vegetables and French fries 139 CZK
Caesar burger with parmesan cheese, English bacon and chips 169 CZK
Chicken schnitzel with buttered potatoes, pickles 135 CZK
Filled pork schnitzel with ham and cheese, fries, tartar 149 CZK
Roasted pork liver with potato, tartar 149 CZK
Beef steak with roasted mushrooms with onion and garlic or herb butter, French fries 299 CZK
Slow roasted pork belly with garlic, potato purée, spicy sauce 145 CZK
Potato pancakes with spicy mixture, homemade cabbage salad 149 CZK
Chopped pork burger in barbecue sauce, chips 179 CZK
Spaghetti Bolognese with parmesan cheese, basil pesto 149 CZK
Marinated pork with roasted potatoes, sour cabbage and sour cream dip 179 CZK
Pork ribs in BBQ sauce, toasted bread and garlic dip 229 CZK
Grilled doll with beans and French fries, mushroom sauce 229 CZK
Grilled roll of chops, stuffed with spinach and bacon, with mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, cream sauce 159 CZK
Salmon with herb butter, grilled vegetables on olive oil, yoghurt dressing with dill and ciabatta 289 CZK
Beef CHILLI steak with roasted onion and garlic, French fries, tartar 269 CZK
Beef tartar, 6pcs of toast/ bread 159 CZK
Warm vegetable salad with dried tomatoes (grilled seasonal vegetables) on herb butter with spicy dip and baguette 139 CZK
Kids coursePrice 
Kids chicken schnitzel with French fries and ketchup 99 CZK
Caesar salad with chicken, roasted bacon and parmesan cheese, baguette 139 CZK
Caesar salad with grilled vegetables, parmesan, baguette 139 CZK
Mixed salad with Balkan cheese, roasted ciabatta 119 CZK


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